Baby Cake

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Bunnys and Bears Baby Shower Cake

April’s baby shower cake is 3 layers and decorated with fondant pastels and flower and butterfly accents. Custom baby bears and bunnies also adorn the cake for a whimsical feel.

Chic Gold Baby Shower Cake

Give your baby shower a modern twist with this 2 layer baby shower cake that is made with gold and white fondant layers and gold flakes adorning the top layer. The gold baby shower cake has a burgundy gum paste flower for a special touch.

Dr. Seuss Baby Shower Cake

A baby shower cake doesn’t come more custom than this Dr. Seuss baby shower cake. The Dr. Seuss cake has 5 very different fondant layers from the open book base layer to the Dr. Seuss fish bowl layer on top.

Elephants Gender Reveal Cake

This single layer Elephants Gender Reveal Cake is perfect for your small gathering to cut and see if you’re having a baby boy or baby girl! The layer has ombré blues and pinks with fondant decorations and baby elephants.

Magnificent Baby Gender Reveal Cake

Truly a masterpiece, this 3 layer baby gender reveal cake is made for a large party of guests. The bottom layer is decorated for a boy with blue and gold fondant. The middle layer of the baby gender reveal cake is a 50/50 of pink and blue tie dye for a boy or a girl and the top layer for a girl. The cake is topped with a crown to anoint the new little prince or princess into the world!

Overalls Baby Shower Cake

Celebrate your expected baby’s birth with this baby shower cake. The custom baby shower cake is also great for a birthday as well. The 3 layers of fondant portray and baby with overalls and a mustache!