Wedding Cakes

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Pin-dot Squares Wedding Cake

Pindot Squares Wedding Cake has 3 square layers adorned with pin-dots and and roses.

Pink Mixed Layer Wedding Cake

Elegant 4 layer wedding cake with each layer a different style. Mix of buttercream and fondant.

Cake pricing varies greatly depending on the level of detail in the design and the size of the cake itself. The best thing to do is to inquire directly with a Palermo sales consultant regarding more exact pricing by phone or email.

Regal Cream Wedding Cake

The Regal Cream Wedding Cake is a masterpiece of cake decorating with 6 layers of buttercream and accents. The wedding cake was the centerpiece of the wedding.

Royal Roses Wedding Cake

The Royal Roses Wedding Cake is 4 layers of white buttercream with accents. The wedding cake has beautiful draping fondant pink roses.

Rustic Lines White/Ivory Wedding Cake

The rustic garden wedding cake is a popular design and perfect for any wedding style. You can go from rustic all the way to elegant with this design and it never goes out of style.

Rustic Stucco Ivory/White Wedding Cake

For a rustic themed wedding. This cake is the perfect selection! This design fits all couples that prefer the simple and clean, but still want a touch of romance.

Semi Naked Wedding Cake

Trendy and versatile, the semi naked cake can be used in different themed weddings. From a rustic country theme to a more sophisticated look. This freehand style will just need fresh flowers to finalize its look.

Seventh Heaven Wedding Cake

This 7-layer wedding cake is truly remarkable. Each layer has its own theme and decoration with buttercream and fondant. The white wedding cake is adorned with edible jewels. The kicker is the two fondant sculpted dogs on each side!

Shades of Pink Wedding Cake

Shades of Pink Wedding Cake is a two layer buttercream wedding cake expertly decorated with draping pink flowers.

Simple Ribbons White/Ivory Wedding Cake

This creation is a very modern wedding cake, that features beautiful piping coming out of the corners and trimmed with satin ribbon. Your special day will be timeless with this design.

Simple White/Ivory Wedding Cake

Clean, modern & sleek is the look that the simple white wedding cake will add to your special day. The smooth perfection on it can be completed with cake topper and fresh flowers.

Spring Rustic Ivory/White Wedding Cake

The spring rustic cake features the two main techniques that characterize the rustic style. The freehand stucco mixed with rustic lines are the perfect choice when you are looking to achieve a unique style on your special day.