A Smash Cake is essential to every 1st birthday party.

It is a tradition that has been created throughout the past few years where the guest of honor who just turns 1 year old, gets their own cake to themselves to do whatever they please whether it'd be eating it, throwing it, smashing it, diving into it, you name it.

The cake is usually accompanied by a bigger, more elaborately decorated cake which is for the rest of the guests, typically guests who don't eat with their hands!

There are several origins where the tradition of the Smash Cake comes from. One is said to be based on the wedding tradition of the bride and groom smashing the cake in each other's faces. Another is said to come from the Mexican tradition where a child's parents shove their child's face in the cake after singing.

Whatever the true origin may be, we have embraced the idea of the Smash Cake into our own and has been the product of unforgettable Kodak moments!

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