Dancing Queen, Audriana Giudice, daughter of Teresa Giudice turned “double digits” on September 15th.

The young competitive dancer celebrated her 10th birthday with a pool party and dance-themed dessert table, with our cake under the spotlight.

The four-tiered “Perfect 10” Dance themed cake was designed by Leigh Ann who has been with Palermo Bakery for 21 years. The bottom tier was decorated in light pink fondant ruffles.
teresa giudice cake
The following tier had a white fondant base dressed with a hot pink ribbon trim and a gem band. The third tier was also accented with a gem band and the top tier had a hot pink fondant base finished off with a metallic gold monogram frame and the letter “A” in the center.

And what better way to top the cake than with a “Perfect 10?”

We’ve celebrated so many special occasions with Teresa Giudice and her family between birthdays, graduations, song releases, and more! To be there for these happy moments in hers and every other one of our clients’ lives is what makes us love doing what we do.

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