Happy Mother's Day All of our mothers deserve appreciation from us every day of the year. It is impossible to remember every moment of our childhood when she was there for us. She was there for us for those early years that we can't remember. She was there for us for every day of school, making us lunch, making us do our dreaded homework and making sure we went to bed on time. But most of us, she made us who we are today and on this one day, Mother's Day, we should all make it extraordinary. With the days counting down until Mother’s Day, you might be wondering what to get for your mother. Flowers and treating her to a brunch are always a great idea, but what about after that… Dessert! At Palermo's Bakery we have created the perfect line of Mother's Day desserts to cap off her special day. We understand that a cake may be too much to eat so we also baked up some cupcakes sized small and extra large. It might be a nifty idea to get an extra large cupcake for Mom and small cupcakes for the rest of the family… it will make her feel special!

Our Mother's Day Menu

Flower Pot (6") - $35.99 Butter Cream Hearts (10") - $26.99 Whipped Cream Hearts (10") - $29.99 Small Hearts (red velvet, vanilla cake and pudding)- $3.25 XL Cupcakes (Stuffed)- $5.00 Small Cupcakes - $2.00 Tea Pot Cake (6") - $35.99 Hat Cake - $24.99 [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="57930,57931,57932,57933,57934,57935,57936,57937,57938,57939,57940,57941,57942,57943,57944,57945,57946,57947,57948,57949,57950" orderby="rand"]]]>

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