Still In Style : Retro Style Wedding Cakes Without a doubt, lace filled vintage themed weddings are all the rage. While the lace still remains a bride favorite, a new cake trend is emerging: the retro wedding cake. A theme that is very popular, retro could be emulating black and white elegance, playful polka dots or a nod to the ever-popular lace. Even trendier than lace, incorporating jewelry like brooches or pearls is what really adds that retro touch that sets it apart from other vintage designs. If jewelry is not really your thing, a pearlized wedding cake may be just what suits your style. This finishing spray applied over the entire wedding cake adds a subtle and elegant pearl sheen without the need for any actual jewelry. "So many cake trends come in and out of style but the retro style has always been a popular choice of brides and grooms," said Gennaro Bruno, owner of Palermo's Bakery & Custom Cakes. "I think the reason people love the retro wedding cake is because they have that look of elegance, tradition and fairy tale ending feel to them." If retro appeals to you more for its playful side, working with dots is a great option as its both subtle yet has a great overall effect. Check out both of these elegant and playful styles of retro cakes that we can create for your special day: [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="57904,57905,57906,57907,57908" orderby="rand"]]]>

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